Jack Morton Lumer was born on March 13, 1921, into a large orthodox family in Bilgorai, Poland. He was the son of Zvi-Shaime and Yochevet Lumerman. During his lifetime, Jack was an astute businessman, a humanitarian and a hero.

At the young age of three, Jack's father was killed and his mother Yochevet had to provide for her large family. At fourteen, Jack left alone for Warsaw to apprentice himself at a fencing company and at night, the handsome Jack was an actor on the popular Yiddish stage.

In September 1939 as the Nazis were approaching Poland, he returned to Bilgorai and single handedly organized and lead the escape of 69 of his family members and other Jewish families out of Bilgorai and into Russia. At first the family lived in Levov, and later was sent to the labor camp Vietluga in Siberia.

Jack became a soldier in the Russian army. He fought against the Nazis’ and in 1944, liberated several death camps, including Majdanek.

After the liberation in 1945, Jack met his wife Sophie who was survivor of the Warsaw ghetto. They married in November 11, 1945.  Ann their only daughter was born in a displaced persons’ camp in Heidenheim, Germany in 1946.

The Zionist Jack, with his wife, baby and mother Yochevet crossed Europe to Marseille, France and boarded a ship to Haifa.  They arrived soon after the war of Independence was won.

The family settled in Yaffo and then Tel-Aviv.  Jack saw a lot of military action as a reserve soldier in the Israeli army.  He is most notably remembered for his involvement in the Sinai Campaign of 1956. 

In 1958 Jack joined his brothers in Los Angeles, California. His wife and young daughter soon followed. Jack and his brothers built a parking and real-estate empire.

Jack Morton Lumer sadly passed away on September 21, 1999. His beloved wife Sophie preceded him in 1993.

Jack and Sophie Lumer will always remain in the hearts and minds of their daughter Ann Simons and grandchildren Benjamin, Jennifer, and Jordan.

This site is created as a celebration of Jacks life and a continuation of his charity, protection of the Jewish faith and his supreme belief in the State of Israel.

Jack Lumer, Warsaw Poland circa 1935 As A Soldier In The Russian Army 1945
Jack and wife Sophie Mae Lumer circa 1953
Jack, daughter Ann and wife Sophie Mae Lumer circa 1962
Brother Art Lumer, Mother Yochvet, Jack Lumer, Sister Ann Brody, Brother Joeseph Lumer and Brother Chaim Lumerman
Los Angeles, 1962
Jack Morton Lumer